Board and Parent Leadership

My School DC is governed by the Common Lottery Board, established by the FY15 Budget Support Act with representation from both DCPS and participating public charter schools. A Parent Advisory Council and committees of participating local education agencies (LEAs) provide input to My School DC and the Common Lottery Board to inform the design of the process and parent outreach efforts. The board meets quarterly and the meetings are public. For additional information, email  


Members of the Common Lottery Board

  • Paul Kihn, Deputy Mayor for Education (chairperson, voting member)
  • Daniela Anello, DC Bilingual PCS (voting member)
  • Ijeoma Anyanwu, DC Public Schools (voting member)
  • Emerald Becker, DC Public Schools (voting member)
  • Chyanne Eyde, DC Public Schools (voting member)
  • Hilary Darilek, E.L. Haynes PCS (voting member)
  • Shannon Hodges, KIPP DC (voting member)
  • Keinan Thompson, My School DC (non-voting member)
  • Michelle Walker-Davis, DC Public Charter School Board (non-voting member)
  • Christina Grant, Office of the State Superintendent of Education (non-voting member)

Upcoming Meetings

  • Quarterly Meeting: January 25th, 2024, at 2:30 PM

Meeting Minutes


The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an advisory board to My School DC. The PAC provides input on the design and implementation of policies, programming, and new initiatives for My School DC, serves as ambassadors of information to their respective schools and communities, and advises the Common Lottery Board on major policy decisions. The PAC is comprised of volunteers from all eight Wards of the District who represent both DCPS and public charter schools. Read more about serving on PAC. For additional information, email


Parent Advisory Council Members

  • Bill DeBaun, Ward 1

  • Ekaterina Tassetti Markova, Ward 1

  • Yael Meirovich, Ward 1

  • David Wetmore, Ward 2

  • Michael Sriqui, Ward 3

  • Julie Patton Lawson, Ward 4

  • Tiffany Mosley, Ward 4

  • Alexandra Simbana, Ward 4

  • Olga Cano, Ward 5

  • Yolanda Corbett, Ward 5

  • Akeem Samuels, Ward 5

  • Rachel Fulchiero Ball, Ward 6

  • Andre Taylor, Ward 6

  • Christine Contreras, Ward 7

  • Ashley Hammonds, Ward 7

  • Jasmine Jones, Ward 7

  • Shernita Tutt, Ward 7

  • Johntia Barnes, Ward 8

  • Tori Hawkins-Plummer, Ward 8

  • Brian Thompson, Ward 8

  • Reginald Workman, Ward 8